The Key Differences Between Traditional & Digital Marketing

The diversification from traditional to digital marketing has been very significant in recent years. External factors and environments have meant that businesses have needed to adapt to the growing demand to become online or e-commerce. The most recent being Covid-19  which led to physical customer interaction being limited and so being moved into becoming intangible for example, the use of the platform zoom for meetings.

This has also allowed businesses to integrate from physical marketing (most traditional types of marketing) materials like magazines and newspapers to a well-designed website and the use of video telephony to visibly communicate with customers directly over a screen.

Regardless of the pandemic’s aid in pushing businesses to become digital, it was always a  means to reach global relations. For most businesses global expansion is greatly beneficial which has been achieved through several digital marketing strategies, it allows a closer relationship to be formed with suppliers and customers, making them feel safe and trusted in relations with the company and providing a cost-effective way to expand (increasing their  ROI). ROI is Return on Investment, this is important to track as it shows how profitable the investment is showing to be and whether it was worth the initial cost, if this is high it means you will make back the money invested quicker. Through traditional marketing means, almost a fifth of marketers found that email campaigns provided excellent results for their ROI according to email marketing statistics on the podium showing the positive aspects of traditional marketing materials.

There are still several aspects however where traditional marketing is still very effective and reflects the image of a business well, especially if they are a local and small business. This means they won’t need to make large investments in some digital marketing services and can stick with a simplistic local image. It all depends on the business and how you want it to be perceived by your target audience, especially if the business operates in a niche market.

Overall, for most businesses it’s encouraged that a digital approach is taken, especially as it was found to have 50% higher interaction rates with customers compared to traditional marketing means (sourced from digitalthirdcoast.com) and also as we are growing in a fast-paced environment that’s becoming more digitally aware, it means businesses need to be up to date with how fast pace this is becoming. Being up to date with growing trends through the use of digital means, allows your content to be relevant and your data collection is accurate.

As Digital Marketing is such a key aspect in businesses it’s important you choose the right marketing agency for you, that fulfils your and your business’s needs. At Pixafusion we ensure that these needs are met and ensure the perception you want is shown to your customers. On our website you can see the range of services we offer that have both traditional and digital aspects, so we can do it all for you! That being said our expertise lies with digital marketing materials and so if you wish for this to be done by professionals then look no further.

All in all, it’s important to take into consideration recent times and how that can affect your business and as marketing is a key aspect of several business operations it’s important it’s done correctly.