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Conspiracy Lounge | Bespoke Website Design | Digital Marketing

Goals or Challenges

The greatest challenge for Conspiracy was the race against time! The lounge’s opening was in 7 days and they wanted a bespoke website for their business.

They wanted their website to reflect their brand image using a blend of dark and minimal themes. In terms of management, they wanted it to be as simple as it can be so that their team members can use it later for any type of content customization.

They also wanted their website to be fully optimized for search engines and set up with all the digital marketing integrations like Facebook meta setup, google analytics and business listings.

Proposed Solution

WordPress, the most well-known programme of the present day, was chosen to be used in the development of the one-page website. The database management system used was MySQL. We positioned all of the business’s products front and centre in the design.

To ensure that the website and its content can be readily managed and updated as needed, the administrator dashboard is examined frequently, and the client was also given a CMS.




In order to achieve the goal of entering the digital space, we had to produce a website experience that is not only appealing to the eye but also offers top-notch functionality. Our team of expert web developers concentrates on reducing website load times and enhancing user experience.

In order for the website to be discovered naturally on search engines, our SEO specialists collaborated with the development team to produce material that is SEO-friendly.