The Challenge

Facing the dynamic challenges of the modern job market, Somnium Recruitment had recognised the pressing need to rejuvenate its brand. In pursuit of a fresh identity, they turned to us. With a reputation for transforming visions into realities, we ushered them into a new era of engagement and success, crafting a brand that resonates deeply with both candidates and employers alike.

The Process

The objectives were clear, the plan was set. Somnium Recruitment wanted to rebrand into something that stood for diversity, equity and inclusion – in their vision, what recruitment was all about. We kicked off with branding workshops where the client and our team brainstormed ideas together.

These sessions helped us understand our client’s key values and goals, which formed the basis of our creative work. We then had numerous web meetings to refine our concepts, ensuring everything matched their vision perfectly. From choosing fonts and colours to designing logos, every detail was carefully considered to evoke the right feelings and convey the brand’s message effectively. MIXXOS was born.

At the same time, we crafted a detailed social media strategy to launch MIXXOS to the public. We planned engaging content across social platforms that generated excitement and interest.

Throughout it all, we stuck to a tight schedule, making sure we met deadlines without fail. This dedication to efficiency ensured that the rebranding process was smooth and successful, helping MIXXOS establish itself as a leader in the recruitment industry.

The Result

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