Stats To Kick Off Your Monday!

We arm you this week with all the numbers you need to know to make sure you Monday starts with
a bang!

1. Three in five marketers are not confident in budget allocation…

Three in five (60%) of marketers are not very confident in their team’s ability to effectively allocate
marketing budget, with 68% confessing to using the previous year’s budget and either increasing,
decreasing or level-funding it. Another 20% set budget once a year and don’t change it, with 63%
saying it’s difficult to determine marketing spend allocation across tactics that will drive maximum
ROI. More than half (57%) rely on internal spreadsheet-based analysis to estimate the impact of
possible marketing budget allocations, rather than software or external analysis. And 5% don’t
estimate the impact of marketing budget allocations.

2. 42% of all the UK display ads were not seen in Q2…

Just 58% of banner ads in the UK in the second quarter met minimum viewability guidelines, down
one percentage point from the first quarter. Compared to other markets, the UK ranks in the lower
half of the table with the best viewability rates seen in Austria (73%) followed by Sweden (64%). The
international average is 61%. However, UK consumers view display ads for five seconds more than
the international average, typically watching for 26.2 seconds in Britain.

3. Brands to increase spend on influencer marketing despite concerns over fraud…

Two-thirds (65%) of brands plan to increase spend on influencer marketing during the next 12
months despite concerns over lack of transparency and fake followers. The main aim of the
investment is to boost brand awareness (86%), reach new audiences (74%), and improve brand
advocacy (69%). When asked what ranks at the top of brands’ selection lists when deciding who to
work with, 96% of respondents regard the quality of followers as “absolutely essential” or “very
important”. Concerns were mainly focused around four areas with consumer trust and blurred lines
cited as “very concerning” and “concerning” by 64%. The other three were legal and financial risks
(60%), reputational risks (64%), and brand safety risks (59%).

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