Marketing Myth Busters!

Myths are common surrounding marketing and SMEs so this blog is going to be all about getting facts straight and improving your marketing strategy! When you are running small to medium-sized businesses, you’ll often feel like you are juggling countless concerns and responsibilities. As a result, it can be easy to let tasks slide down your list of priorities and usually the buck stops at marketing. There are a few common misconceptions that are leading business owners to think that marketing isn’t as vital as it really is.

1- Social media is easy to attract customers…

Social media has been hailed as a great leveller for SMEs as it offers a very affordable way forthem to boost their brand visibility and compete with competitors. But having simple pagesonline isn’t really enough. As with any other marketing platform you have to have a clear andeffective way of utilising them. Be selective with your posts, don’t just post for the sake of it or‘spam’ post which will irritate your followers and potentially even lead to unfollowing. Makesure you analyse the metrics and establish which posts are getting the most likes and views.Reply to people’s comments, this boosts your online visibility and allows you to learn first-handmore about your client base!

2- Marketing is working… I don’t need to change it!

Marketing is forever adapting and changing to fit modern technologies and trends. You can’t afford to stand still and stay the same when your competitors will be changing. You may haveprocesses in place that have worked very well, but will they always continue to pay off? Probablynot. Customer tastes and preferences are changing all the time and you need to be open-mindedwhen it comes to learning what is on trend in your industry otherwise you may risk becomingirrelevant or outdated.

3- The larger audience reached the better.

If you focus on reaching a large audience rather than specialising toward a specific target market you could really miss out on making a real impression on certain customers. A mass marketing campaign will not reach the specific kind of person you are looking for and is therefore a waste of time and money. Brands should understand what makes the customers tick and engage with them in a more personal way for the most effective results!

Make sure you are not swayed by misconceptions when it comes to marketing because it could lead to a detrimental effect on your success. If you have any questions about your own marketing strategy, please get in touch today!

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